Graduate Fellowships

We are looking to recruit up to five PhD students for our Research Training Group (RTG). Students will be supported on an RTG fellowship, with a competitive stipend, for up to three years of their PhD program. Each student will have a primary advisor drawn from the RTG faculty. In addition, students will receive mentorship from RTG postdocs and will have the opportunity to work with undergraduate students.

Potential students should apply to one of the participating NC State graduate programs: biomathematics, mathematics/applied mathematics or statistics, although we anticipate that the majority of the positions will be awarded through the biomathematics program. Each program’s website has further information and a link to NC State’s online graduate application process. Students who apply to mathematics or statistics programs should send a separate email to Alun Lloyd,, to express their interest in the RTG program.

Please note that NSF regulations restrict funding to citizens, nationals, or permanent residents (“green card” holders) of the United States or its territories and possessions.